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Unless you’re new to this blog, you know that I recently landed a publishing contract, thanks to Twitter.

You also know that I am all about sharing what I learn. One of the things I will do as I write the book is chronicle the journey and ask for input along the way. I want to put a lot of practitioners in this book, not just the big guys we all tend to worship.

So, in what will forever be part 1 of a regular series chronicling this major event in my life, I am sharing the four things that I did today that will hopefully help me stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize.

  1. Responded to this HARO query from James Smythe: “I’m writing a report about Twitter for the guys behind the Shorty Awards (, especially its applications for business use.  We’ve been looking for a Twitter ‘Win’ in the business world – a story about how Twitter use has somehow helped a business or individual to gain a contract, a job, something exciting like that.  Please email if you have any good stories!”
  2. Created a FriendFeed room that will hopefully serve as a hub for ideas and communication about the book.
  3. Revisited my Backtype comments to tap into old ideas that I shared on blogs that  since left my brain and could provide great fodder and spark new ideas for various chapters of the book.
  4. Created a landing page for the series of posts related to this book writing journey.  (Thanks  to these tips from Problogger)

Are you writing a book? What are you doing to stay focused?

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