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It’s really interesting to see how the networks are using social media to garner interest in their TV shows. I’ve read a lot about various tactics, but hadn’t felt compelled to share any up until now. If you haven’t already, add this word to your vocabulary: Twittersode. If you want to know what it entails, I’ve posted the news release below. Good idea? Will it work?  Let me know if you plan to watch. This twitttersode will debut in just a few hours.

Here’s the press release:

For The First-Time-Ever NBC And Sony Pictures Television Will Debut A COMMUNITY Twittersode Prior To The Season Two Premiere Episode Thursday, September 23

As Greendale Community College Re-Convenes For The Semester, Everyone’s Favorite COMMUNITY Characters Will Tweet With One Another About The Start of The School Year and Their New Class, Anthropology 101

PR Newswire

CULVER CITY, Calif., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Leading into the season premiere of COMMUNITY, NBC and Sony Pictures Television will debut a COMMUNITY “Twittersode” Thursday, September 23 at 4:00p.m./PT (7:00p.m./ET). This event marks a first-of-its-kind digital marketing effort between NBC, Sony Pictures Television, and the characters of the comedy series COMMUNITY.

Just prior to the East Coast premiere of COMMUNITY, an exclusive “Twittersode,” comprised of 80 tweets, will unfold between everyone’s favorite COMMUNITY characters. The “Twittersode” will act as a prequel “scene” to the premiere episode and will focus on events leading up to the start of the characters second year at Greendale Community College including, making arrangements for their first meet up of the year as well as preparations for their first class, Anthropology 101.

The entire “Twittersode” event will be presented at www.NBC.COM/CommunityTwittersode

You can also watch the “Twittersode” unfold by following the character handles at:

If you’d like to tweet about COMMUNITY and our “Twittersode” please use the hash tag  #NBCCommunity.

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When thinking of ways to motivate users for their participation in online communities, the first thing you think about are rewards. It just seems logical to give people something with the hopes of that reward becoming a key motivator for continued participation. The question becomes, what “kind” of rewards. Should they be virtual or physical rewards? Do we issues points, ratings, gift certificates?

I am not a big fan of rewards, at least not a steady stream of them. Because one you start, it’s hard to stop. But I do believe there may be times when they are valuable, because every community is different, and the right set of circumstances could require rewards. One caveat: Don’t make it the main reason for people to join, and definitely not a reason at all for keeping them there. You want genuine participation that is not based what you’re giving them for being there.

I’m saying all of this to share some news I came across today, about  YAWMA (a Facebook app)  launching a new community that allows users to earn cash rewards for engagement. Now THAT is the ultimate reward.  I’m not judging this strategy, just sharing.  So if you have a few minutes, read the press release for yourself….

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