When you handle social media initiatives for one organization, it is easy to develop linear thinking. Even when you follow the trends, stay on top of all the latest developments and devour all the social media news you can stand, you still tend to apply it to your own company or think about how certain tactics can work for your industry.

This is certainly not the case for everyone so please don’t take offense. I know when I worked at a news organization I was very focused on how we could adopt social media or better yet incorporate social media into our products to better serve the needs of the readers and viewers. I did think about other industries, mostly because I was intrigued at what they were able to accomplish when mine couldn’t even come close. But that was the extent of it.

Now that I am social media manager at a communications agency working with a myriad of clients from very different industries, my horizons have broadened. I think much more deeply about strategies and tactics.  I am challenged in ways that sometimes make me extremely exhausted but I know I am better for it.

I think a lot more about regulated industries, because many of our clients fall into that category and their barriers to entry are real.  I am grateful for all the work the Dachis Group has compiled in that regard. Research is much more important to me than it ever was and I often dissect it into small pieces.

My years in the trenches as a community manager certainly taught me a lot. And our clients working on communities certainly get their money’s worth out of my experiences. I can keep their bumps and  bruises at bay and I’m happy to do it.

But much like I strived to raise the profile of community managers, I now feel like I may have to do something similar for the social media managers working behind the scenes at agencies.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, because our job is different. I’m not saying it’s harder, but our thinking certainly isn’t linear. And I’m sure I’m going to come out of this much smarter and with horizons broadened beyond belief.

I hope you’re still up for the ride.

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