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Blogger outreach is serious business. But it is also hard work. If you underestimate the level of research and personalization needed to do it well, you will fail. Okay, maybe you won’t fail, but you will limit the level of success that could potentially be obtained with a thoughtful, smart and engaging strategy that is not about you as much as it is the individual blogger and his or her audience.

The term “blogger outreach” is being thrown around a great deal, and from what I can tell, many see it as an extension of media relations. Well, it isn’t. Not from my perspective. And here’s why my perspective is valid:

  • I worked in broadcast, print and online news for 16 years, many of them as an assignment manager who received and discarded tons of pitches from PR professionals.
  • I am a blogger who is pitched from time-to-time.
  • I managed an online community that was quite averse to outside marketing.

You still with me? Good. Allow me to highlight two key differences in reaching out to journalists and bloggers.

Journalists require minimal personalization. What I mean by this is you can send 15 journalists the same press release. As long as you know the topics and industries they cover and you align your pitch accordingly, you can send a blast with very little personalization.

You have to know much more about a blogger before you pitch. With bloggers, topics and industries are not enough. You have to ask yourself these types of questions, and then find the answers before you even begin to craft the pitch: Read the rest of this entry »

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