I have two days left as the community manager of a site that has been at the core of my professional existence for nearly three years. I am trying to detach because it’s the right thing to do but it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Many of you may have already experienced this. Perhaps you launched a community and moved on and you  understand what I’m going through.  Others may not have done this yet but know that you will someday leave your community behind for something bigger and better, or simply less stressful.

What I want to do here is share with you my farewell blog.

As of this writing, it has 210 comments, and most are well-wishes and kind words.

Here is the text:

I planned to announce this tomorrow, but with all of the talk of winter weather and a monumental snow event, I thought it might be best to do it now, when more of you have a chance of seeing it.

After three years consisting of conceptualizing, launching, nurturing and growing GOLO, I am moving on.

Words cannot express what this community has meant to me and all that I’ve learned from being here. You all have made me laugh, cry, scream and even curse under my breath from time-to-time, but it has been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I have often thought of what we could have done differently but then I think about all the great things that have happened as a result of GOLO and the wonderful relationships that have been forged and I know in my heart that it was meant to start the way it did.

I am nothing if not ambitious and I am leaving for a great opportunity that will challenge me and also allow me to do the kind of work that I love.

But launching GOLO has been like bringing a child into the world and watching it grow. I am attached in a way that can’t be characterized.

To those of you who have grown to love GOLO and support us unconditionally, I thank you. I even have a special place in my heart for the trolls, because they prove day in and day out that this place is addictive, and that they are willing to do whatever they have to do to be here. And that says a lot.

My last day is Wednesday, Feb. 3.

I hope to talk to many of you in the days to come.

As I’ve said before, it has been an honor to serve.

All the best my friends.

So when the day comes for you to say goodbye, I hope you will take a page from my book. Let them know it’s been a great ride and find a sense of closure. Remember the good days and how they hopefully outweighed the bad, and pass the baton.