I’ve noticed a spike in traffic that has likely stemmed from this Mashable article on Community Engagement, where I am quoted heavily throughout. Many thanks to Leah Betancourt for interviewing me for her most insightful article.

My regular readers know how passionate I am about growing online communities and engaging users online but you may not.

So, welcome to my blog, where I often vent, try to enlighten, and share the good, the bad and the ugly sides of community management.

Please take a few minutes to read through some of my popular posts, interviews and community management tips.

I hope you’ll find something you like.

If you want to reach me, I’m @communitygirl on Twitter, and you can also find me on LinkedIn. Oh, and if you’d like to read the entire first chapter of my book, “18 Rules of Community Engagement” you can find it in the September edition of EContent Magazine.

Angela Connor