If you missed my last post, “Why did you post that comment?” about a woman with commenter’s remorse who asked me to ban her account so that she would keep from posting any additional comments, I’ve got something else for you.

Drunk Bloggers.Yes. It seems as though BWD is the new DUI, only without the car and the potential to ruin lives.

I’ve been told by a slew of members in the community that there is one blogger in particular who gets drunk at night and goes ballistic  in the blogs. I’ve seen some posts where he is a bit direct but nothing too alarming so I didn’t think much of it.

Well, today I was in the abuse queue and came across at least ten photos that were pretty risque. Okay, they were porn.  I couldn’t believe the magnitude and the audacity it must have taken to post that in the community.

It got him banned.

Tonight he sent me an email asking why on earth his privileges were revoked because he’s never violated the terms of service and is demanding I tell him why. I think those members were right about him.

It must be a full moon this week.

Do you think you’re ever read any blogs that were written under the influence? How could you tell?

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