Counterfeit purses are a real problem for COACH Leatherware.

I learned tonight that combating counterfeiting is actually a very important objective for the company. I came across this information after searching for an official Facebook fan page to post two photos and share a story about the great COACH shoes I saw at the mall today. I never found an official site (ther were many created by fans and business owners) so I went to Twitter. After I didn’t find what I wanted there, I went to their website, and that’s when I came across the page that encourages people to report COACH counterfeits.

I know it exists. Heck, anyone with an affinity for the purses and other accessories such as mine has  heard about the basement parties or knows someone who knows someone who has the newest knockoffs in the trunk of their car. We may have even  been to one 15 years ago.

When you sport  their products, particularly handbags, people know that you are a loyalist and they will test the waters to see if they can lure you in. Everyone wants to save some cash right? And who cares if you can’t register the purse or if the stitching is wrong, or the style a tad bit off? People like me, that’s who. People who value the brand, the craftsmanship and the service that comes with it. People who got their first COACH purse as a teen, or in my case my 18th birthday and have not turned back.

But I dgress…

I went to the site looking for some kind of social platform but it seems that this was it. The company seems to think it can capitalize on customer and brand loyalty by outlining all that is wrong with counterfeiting and how kids could actually be working in sweatshops to create these fake masterpieces. Perhaps it can and maybe it does, but I think it should be bigger and better than this.  I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a place to communicate with fellow COACH enthusiasts on their website. There was no forum, no blog and no way to interact.

Counterfeiting is a major priority and they want help from their customers. It makes sense, but I wonder if a bigger opportunity is being missed. Couldn’t they possibly get even more response if they took this campaign social?

You have great fans, COACH. Mobilize and find us. We can help you with this problem. Make this a real initiaitve and see what you can accompish though social channels.

  1. How about a YouTube channel with videos showing the differences between real and fake? Call it: How to spot a Fake. I’m sure you can get a few.
  2. Create a Twitter account where people can communicate with you about fakes. Follow everyone who talks about your products.
  3. Create an official Facebook Fan Page and let your loyalists start discussions about this. Monitor the conversations and I bet you’ll learn a lot.
  4. Let people help you in wasy they want to  help you and you put in the rest of the work. Generate leads and sell more of your product along the way.

I’ve got more ideas. If you happen to come across this post, email me for the rest. I’d love to share.

P.S. Since you didn’t have an obvious place for me to talk about my COACH-aholic tendencies, I posted a blog in the online community I manage. There are a few other fans in the comments section. You may want to check it out.

Good luck,

Angela Connor

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