Have you seen the TNT media blitz on Facebook today? It seemed as though Jada Pinkett-Smith was following me all over the place. I mentioned it on Twitter and the @replies soon debunked my own belief of it being a Black Female demographic thing. What I learned is it’s clearly a FEMALE demographic thing. This promotional blitz is all about women, period.

TNT has apparently bought the Facebook farm today and they have a serious campaign running for two of their shows: Hawthorne and Saving Grace.

I wonder if those ad dollars were taken from a traditional media campaign, or if networks now have a new line item labeled: Facebook.

Here are a few notable responses from my initial inquiry on twitter:

holyfieldTV: @communitygirl I’m getting them, too! And for ‘Saving Grace’ TNT must be blowing it out

Tue Jun 16 – 4:46:35 pm
communitygirl: So we’ve figured out the Pinkett-Smith ads on FB are a combination. Targeted ads and full promo blitz. Agreed?

Tue Jun 16 – 4:34:20 pm

LisaSullivan: @communitygirl I made note of that earlier too, especially in respect to the launch of her series AND Wedding Day, also tonight on TNT.

Tue Jun 16 – 4:28:41 pm

jeffachen: @communitygirl yes it is. Facebook offers target marketing by demographic.

Tue Jun 16 – 4:26:28 pm

asquibb: @communitygirl LOL – she’s all over my Fbook too; all 3 ads. Big question: does it make you want to watch her new show?

Tue Jun 16 – 4:25:39 pm

techherding: @communitygirl All you black chicks are pretty much the same, right? Us middle-aged white guys sure are…

Tue Jun 16 – 4:24:35 pm

lkelly: @communitygirl hmmm, I’ve got her ads, too. Must just be a female demographic thing!

Tue Jun 16 – 4:24:19 pm

tracyweeks: @communitygirl they are on mine too

I received similar responses on Facebook.

Any thoughts on how much all of those targeted Facebook ads set them back?

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