18 Rules of Community Engagement launches today!

18 Rules of Community Engagement: A Guide to Building Relationships and Connecting with Customers Online (Happy About Publishing) is officially out today on all major online retailer sites. You’ve read my blog, seen the endorsements and maybe even downloaded a free chapter from the book website, so what are you waiting for? You’ve got a community to engage, so get your copy today.

I hope you enjoy reading 18 Rules of Community Engagement and I can’t wait to get your feedback.

Here’s the press release:

Build a Thriving Online Community – New Book Helps you Attract Thousands

An online community can bring new business and visibility , yet most businesses build an online community that fails to attract members. A new guide shows how to beat the odds and attract thousands of people. The principles in this new book can be applied to any social network or business community that wants to grow their membership base.

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) June 9, 2009 — Building an online community with active, participating Book cover| 18 Rules of Community Engagement  members is a challenge. Over half of businesses that attempt it fail to get over a thousand members. That’s why Angela Connor wrote the guide to building relationships and connecting with customers online. The book ’18 Rules of Community Engagement,’ outlines the principles Connor used to take the online news community for the top-rated TV station in North Carolina from 0 to 11,000 members in just eighteen months.

A study of more than 100 businesses with online communities found that 35% had less than 100 members and less than 25% had more than 1,000 members. Recently, Sam’s Club announced a new community for small businesses owners. They had an existing network of thousands to draw on. Most businesses don’t have that luxury.

Building community can be daunting whether it’s on an existing social network or a branded community for business. The principles taught in this book can be applied to building an online community on social media sites, on a branded community site, or on a blog.

The key is to interact – to be social – in a way that builds value. “In the age of instant communications, where we are constantly connected and faced with infinite choices, consumers want and expect more. We are now living in the conversation age, where one-way communication is no longer acceptable or desired. People want to engage and discuss, react and interact,” notes Connor.

The key aspects of building an online community are:

1. Give people something to talk about.

2. Engage with people.

3. Provide useful information.

The book provides examples of tactics to use to connect with people and help them connect with others. An online community thrives when a community manager facilitates interaction. This guide tells exactly how.

There are answers to common questions such as:

What’s the best way to deal with troublemakers who harm communities?

What’s the best way to encourage participation when stats say most participants are lurkers who don’t contribute?

How much time is required each day to grow an online community?

What’s the best way to help community members feel appreciated and welcomed so they not only stay, but help drive the community?

Learn this and more from someone who has achieved what most businesses have not.. Build a strong online community and bring greater visibility and new customers.

Key stats:

– Title: 18 Rules of Community Engagement

– Subtitle: A Guide for Building Relationships and Connecting With Customers Online

– Authors: Angela Connor

– Date of Publication: May, 2009

– Price: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95

– ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-60005-142-5 (1-60005-142-1)

– ISBN: eBook: 978-1-60005-143-2 (1-60005-143-X)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009923129

– Forward by HARO’s Peter Shankman

About Happy About®:

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Please, contact the publisher and ask for the “6 questions” or go to this url: http://happyabout.info/contribute.php.

Press Copies:

A free copy of the book is available to the press upon request. Please send an e-mail to prupdate(at)happyabout.info

Get “18 Rules of Community Engagement” at http://happyabout.info/community-engagement.php

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