While many organizations are jumping on the social media bandwagon and joining Facebook and Twitter in droves in an effort to reach the highly coveted Millenials, there is a another important group out there that marketers want to reach: Tweens.

My regular readers know how big I am on the importance and what I call the art of engaging users online, so I was pleased to see emoderation’s new whitepaper: An introduction to using community and interactive advertising to engage tweens/teens.

CEO and founder, Tamara Littleton characterizes the habits, wants and needs of this demographic and provides a wealth of helpful information and tips to marketers in this nine page document that is definitely worth a read.

Here’s an excerpt:

The biggest challenge though, is how to engage with a younger audience who has less patience, lower tolerance levels and obscure loyalties, on their own turf, without being intrusive. Brands that do it reap high rewards: word-of-mouth recommendations between peers are rife, and immediate response and high interaction levels allow smart brands to create a dialogue that can influence sales. But social media sites and online communities are where younger people hang out with each other, not with brands, or 30+ marketers. They expect to talk to their peers, and interact with their friends (although even the term ‘friend’ has been redefined by social media – many teens will have upwards of 500 or 1000 ‘friends’ on Facebook, for example. The visible number of friends has become a badge of popularity).

Read the complete document for more. Littleton offers excellent advice and various case studies that are sure to enlighten.

As a community manager, social media enthusiast and most importantly in this case… mother of a tween, I think this report is dead on.

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