Some of my favorite bloggers do this and I do it every month for my online community so I am bringing the monthly roundup of top posts to Online Community Strategist. Here is a list of the most visited posts for the month of April.

  1. One full year of Online Community Strategist
  2. Here are the skills community managers really need
  3. Do employees need social media guidelines?
  4. When a member of your online community dies
  5. Stay away from social media if you lack common sense
  6. Here are my 18 rules of community engagement
  7. Guest post: Here’s why employers need twitter guidelines
  8. Five valuable verbs for growing community
  9. What constitutes a social media evangelist?
  10. Five mistakes to avoid when marketing through online communities

I hope you find something on this list you may have missed and find it of great value.

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