Have I mentioned my most recent appointment as lead on a social media task force at my company? I know I’ve tweeted about it and posted status updates on both Facebook and LinkedIn, but perhaps I’ve failed to mention it here.

My passion for social media, voluntary brand monitoring and general evangelism put me in a great position as the obvious lead and the endorsements came straight from the top. I’m proud of that, and I won’t hide that fact.

But what I’m most excited about is how quickly we’ve been able to move and the level of excitement and commitment to this endeavor exhibited by the powers that be. With my role I’ve tried to do more listening than talking in an attempt to really understand how social media is viewed by others, so I could get my arms around any skepticism and capture the essence of what our brand means to those charged with owning it.

All of that resulted in a great mission statement. One with character, integrity and a bit of calculated risk that will allow us to try new things and even have fun along the way.

Once everyone approved the mission statement we moved on to the first set of guidelines which were compiled by a much smaller group. I figured we should have active twitter users creating guidelines for that platform so I invited a core group to the table to do that and it worked very well.

We met on Tuesday and had a finalized document that represents the mission statement to the fullest, two days later.

The mission statement is what it’s all about. It’s the ultimate guide. I encourage anyone currently active in the social media space or planning to become active to take a step back and really think about you want to accomplish and work on a mission statement that reflects that, Once you have that, the rest will come.


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