Unless you’re new here, you know that I’m writing a book called “18 Rules of Community Engagement.” You may have even visited my book website.

Several people, (10 to be exact) have read a great amount of the book and offered their endorsements, so that’s 10 people who think it’s a good read and none of them are in my immediate family.

But now that the book is close to launch, I want to share the final rules that made the cut. Here are the 18 rules you will find in the book filled with examples, anecdotes and my experiences with each:

Chapter 4: Stroke a few egos
Chapter 5: Don’t be pushy
Chapter 6: Provide useful information
Chapter 7: Ask Questions
Chapter 8: Use your influence
Chapter 9: Pour on the compliments
Chapter 10: Know and respect the culture
Chapter 11: Complain, Complain, Complain!
Chapter 12: Make it Personal
Chapter 14: Seek expert advice and opinions
Chapter 13: Ask for help
Chapter 15: Accept and respond to criticism
Chapter 16: Make small talk
Chapter 17: Tune-out troublemakers
Chapter 18: Showcase and acknowledge good work
Chapter 19: Don’t try to please everyone
Chapter 20: Manage expectations
Chapter 21: Realize your work is never done

If you’re interested in Chapter 4, go to my book website and join the mailing list. Once you do that, you’ll receive Chapter 4, Stroke a few egos, in its entirety.



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