Indian Premier LeagueI came across a tweet today about a new online community for IPL lovers. It read: “Finally a community for IPL lovers” and linked to this blogpost.

Upon reading the post, I learned that this community consists of more than 68,000 members. So, given my passion about online communities, I had to know more.

You see, I know from living in South Florida for six years that Cricket is huge in the Caribbean. Well I now know that it’s even bigger in India. I saw a match once and it was interesting enough but I can’t say that I’d rush to see another.

However, I have reached out to the DLF Indian Premier League–the creators of the community for an interview and will hopefully get one to post here on Online Community Strategist.

In the meantime, I joined the community. The default choice for favorite team is the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the default favorite player, Aakash Chopra. So those are my new favorites. I even watched a video called “Funny Cricket Moments.” I’m sure I would have laughed if I knew what was going on, but I didn’t. It was posted today and has more than 4,000 views so it must be pretty funny.

The point here is we have to be willing to learn from everyone. For someone to post that there is “finally” an online community on any topic is a testament to the desire to belong to such communities and the power that comes with them.

So join new communities, even some that are outside of your interests and learn a few things. You’ll be better for it.

Go Bangalore Royal Challengers!

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