With everyone talking about the disgusting domino’s fiasco, I just had to share a blurb I posted on twitter the day before the news actually broke and Domino’s found itself in the ultimate PR nightmare.

As a community manager, I am very pleased when people open up and share. In fact, I spend a great deal of my time encouraging them to do just that. I’m pretty good at it and my community is growing. But there is a such thing as sharing too much. And simply being stupid.


Did you hear about the couple evicted from the house they were renting after posting pictures of wild parties and the house being trashed on Facebook? The common sense factor was not applied in that case. What about the guy who was fired from Goldman Sachs for spending too much time on Facebook? Nope, not a shred of common sense applied there either.

I won’t even go into the Fed Ex incident.

At the core, this isn’t about Fed Ex, Motrin, Domino’s or Facebook. It’s about people. These are technologies and tools and we decide how to use them. We are the thinking beings. The superior species. We control these outside forces, and when we let them control us, the outcome will never be a good one.

So put down the video camera if you think you’re going to lose your mind and record yourself doing something stupid enough to land you in jail. Turn off the computer and decompress. Do yourself a favor, and communicate like the whole world is watching, because some day, that may very well be the case.

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