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Here’s a post I never thought I’d have to write.

A longtime, faithful, beloved member of my online community died today. It is a painful day for so many as he had TONS of friends. He was only 30.

I can’t even tell you the emotion I felt upon learning this, and the outpouring of emotion shown by community members is a true testament to the power of online communities.

HE was known in the community as “Studweiser.” I interviewed him once, and met him three times. Once at our one-year anniversary party. He invited me to his 30th birthday party. I didn’t attend.

I wish I had.

I have posted a tribute to Studweiser on the homepage and will leave it there all week.

I plan to attend his funeral.

That is nowhere in my job description, I know…but it feels like the right thing to do.

Studley loved the GOLO community. He supported my decisions and encouraged troublemakers to do better. When his partner started going through his cell phone to notify his friends, many of the numbers listed belonged to members of the community.

There is an empty place in the community now. And I never knew this could hurt so bad.

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