It’s no secret that I’ve been seeking endorsements for my soon-to-be-released book, 18 Rules of Community Engagement.

I think it’s going to be a great read, but I’m biased and I could be saying that to justify all of my late hours and lack of sleep. I hope I’m wrong about that, and the following endorsements lead me to believe that I am. I hope their words spark your interest in the book.

“Angela begins the pioneering task of setting the rules for online communities in this must-read book. Her sass, wit and sheer knowledge of this unknown frontier are great guides for anyone wanting to enter the online community space.”

-Maren Hogan, Principal, Red Branch Media

“Being able to attract and manage over 11,000 members proves that you’re an expert when it comes to community engagement. In this book, Angela Connor not only shares her own experience, but includes the opinions and ideas of other community practitioners. The result is a book that should be considered required reading for anyone involved or interested in the art of community building.”

– Martin Reed, Community Developer/Manager,

“A very conversational, wonderfully written, action-oriented, read with excellent examples. “

–Janet Clarey, Analyst & Sr. Researcher, Brandon-Hall Research

“In an era of rapid-fire change, Angela understands that Community is a slow-burn enterprise. She has created a personable, practical primer for those individuals and companies interested in enabling connectivity and exchange.”

— Venessa Paech, Community Manager, Lonely Planet

“Angela Connor tells you the score on running an online community with verve and humor. She knows what she’s talking about, and if you run an online community or want to, you should listen.”

— Lisa Williams, Founder and CEO,

“In 2009, savvy public relations and marketing professionals are honing in on the importance of connecting with targeted, niche online communities. Angela pulls on expert insight from thought leaders across the social Web to provide an easy-to-digest slate of guidelines to remind us all of what it takes to connect effectively with target audiences. A crucial read for any social media newbie looking to learn the online community rules of the road.”

–Scott Meis, Sr. Project & Social Media Director, Carolyn Grisko & Associates Inc.

“Angela lays out some great points on community engagement with real life examples that give readers the how-to when implementing these strategies within their own business. Not to mention, it’s all written in a simple to read manner.”

-Sonny Gill, Social Media Strategist,

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