I consider myself a social media evangelist.
Do I use Twitter every day? Yes.

Do I have a Facebook account and do I use other social networks? Yes.

Is this relevant? Not really.

Social media is so much more than just social networks. It’s about blogs, video sharing, photo sharing, micro-blogging, forums and much, much more. It’s about connecting, socializing and making our worlds come together by interacting with each other by using online technologies.

I explain Twitter to people lots of times, I write blogs and produce videos over here in Holland to make people aware of the power of social media. Almost no one ever heard of Twitter or Facebook.

I believe social media is a very powerful thing. And we are merely at the beginning of it’s true evolution. I am passionate about social media and what it can bring to individuals, businesses and organisations.

If you feel passion for something and you share your passion with others, you are an evangelist. Whether for social media, Ben & Jerry icecream or Harry Potter books.

These words belong to Holland’s Renato van Bloemenhuis of Relentless Ideas. You can connect with Renato on twitter.


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