This will be my message to the Triad Women’s Forum tomorrow at the High Point Country Club in High Point, NC.

Early adopters, key influencers and people who “get” all things social media tend to forget that social media is still very new for some and that not everyone wants or needs to be everywhere, simply because they can be.

You can love twitter, and detest Facebook. Maybe you like FriendFeed or Plaxo. Maybe you’re still straddling the fence with leanings to one or another. That’s okay because the choices are yours to make!

There was a woman in the audience at my last speaking engagement who was so freaked out at the sheer number of e-mails she was receiving from LinkedIn, she was at her wits end and ready to give it up. She went on and on about these e-mails and was visibly exasperated.

That may seem extreme but when you don’t really understand how something works but everyone keeps telling you to participate and like it, it can be a little frustrating. Once I was able to convince her that she has control over what kind of information she receives, she was much more open to learning about the benefits of all of the tools.

Consider bringing your social media conversations and jargon down a notch and speak the language of those who still aren’t convinced, or simply don’t know what they’re missing. Use your social media savvy to help others “get it.”

It can be a very satisfying experience.

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