There will always be rock stars. I get that. We learn from them, sometimes hang on their every word and in most cases the attention and accolades are well-deserved. They may have been pioneers, early adopters or just smart people who do their thing and do it very well.

Rock stars are important for every industry. Some of us want to be them when we grow up and aren’t afraid to admit it. We even contribute to their rock star status because we blog about them, quote them in major media and use their names in every other sentence in hopes that they will notice us.

While being noticed may not be your individual goal, it is the goal of many.  And why not? The true rock stars have the power to make us stars too, simply by association and riding their coattails is not a high price to pay to get that to happen.

But that does not mean they know it all, or that their opinions are gospel, and the real rock stars will tell you as much.

As social media (or any industry for that matter) evolves it’s important to be on the lookout for new voices. Seek out the people who are in the trenches doing interesting work and friend them.  Ask them questions and then share the answers with your network. Give them an opportunity to write a guest blog.

Sure, rock stars beget rock stars, but the average social media enthusiast plugging away with their blog, trying new marketing tactics, building and managing communities and testing new theories are good to know as well. They may not be interested in a high profile or perhaps don’t have the time to build one.

Let’s bring them to light and pull as many people to the table as possible.We are not in a conference room where only 12 chairs will fit. This social media conference room is virtual. It’s huge and there are enough chairs for everyone.

Keep up the #followfriday’s on twitter and find other ways to tell us about the people you know who we should know as well.

I know I’m no rock star and I’m good with that, because I’m really not sure what that would really mean for me at the end of the day.  I’m just happy to know and follow some smart people and continue to meet new ones.

And if there’s someone you’d like me to know, tell me about them in the comments area.

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