Parking lot It’s snowing in the Raleigh area today, and that’s a big deal for the natives. Schools are closed due to four-six inches of snow. Unheard of for me considering the fact that I was born and raised in Michigan, where it took more than a foot to close the schools as long as the roads weren’t icy.

I grew up just blocks away from the Detroit River and lived in Cleveland as an adult near Lake Erie, where the lake effect snow was fierce.

I am what they call a transplant, here.

Someone from “up North” who is still relatively new to the area and doesn’t think snow cream sounds the least bit appealing. But despite my disconnect from this particular area, the online community I manage is a very local community linked by geography, shared history and tradition and similar beliefs. And they have stacks of snow cream recipes, to boot.

Given my history, four-six inches of snow is no big deal at all.
BUT, if it matters to the community, it matters to me.

So, despite the fact that the snow isn’t a major life event in my book, I am giving it major treatment in the community, because to them it is. I’ve asked for photo submissions and even took a few of my own and shared them with the community. So far we’re up to 111 photos documenting this amazing snow day and I suspect they’ll come in throughout the remainder of the day.

I’ve asked members to share their snow cream recipes and give details about the best places to go sledding and I’m highlighting their content all over the place.
A good community manager knows a big deal when it emerges.
It’s up to you to find out what matters to your community and make it the big deal that it is.
It will further illustrate your commitment as the community manager and make it clear that you care, and what matters to the community, matters to you.

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