What if credit card companies have been holding meetings behind closed doors for the last 6 months developing strategies to utilize social media platforms to collect more debts?

What if during the first quarter of next year you start seeing bill collectors posting on Facebook walls and sending tweets reminding you that your credit card is over-the-limit, or that you haven’t paid your bill in three months?

What if they’ve comprised a database of customers and assigned account specialists to find these customers on the web and verify that they are indeed the culprit?

Perhaps they were able to verify this by birthday. Your birthday is likely on Facebook, right?
Perhaps they verified identities based on geography. Your home state is more than likely listed on your numerous profiles, right?
Or maybe they verified the information based on job history, which is easily accessible via your LinkedIn profile, right?

What if they create a Facebook Group called Bill Collectors United or Catching Deadbeats Inc. Maybe they’ll have a Friend Feed room where they all get together and work the feeds to see what they can find about people.

Maybe they’ll find your blog and start leaving comments asking for payment. Perhaps those endless phone calls will turn into endless tweets that are sent out every hour on the hour. What if they decide to use your twitter alias to create a searchable stream of potentially embarrassing and damaging pleas for payment?

Would it be up to our beloved social media platforms to protect us and block these people from ruining our carefully crafted and hard earned reputations? What if they first infiltrate your network and blast all of this information to your friends?

Could we sue them for defamation of character perhaps? Maybe defamation of a twitter alias or Facebook wall? Defamation of a Friendfeed? How about spreading erroneous information via social media? Obstruction of social media justice?

With all of this information so readily available and posted voluntarily, we could be providing a gateway for this kind of thing to happen.

What do you think? Is something like this on the horizon?


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