It started off with this DM from BryanPerson on November 23rd:
@Bryan: Really enjoying your blog, Angela. Any chance for a phone call this week to say hello and introduce myself?
Me: Yes! Call me at work! 919.821.8545

During this introductory phone call, Bryan and I discussed a myriad of topics. He told me all about LiveWorld and how much he loves his work and also about the social media breakfasts he’s initiated in several states.
Among other things, I told him that I’m writing a book and I’ve been shopping my proposal around in search of agents.  We laughed a bit, shared a few war stories and doled out some mutual admiration. We also spoke of working together some day on an idea that we are certain will materialize.

Well before we hung up, Bryan told me about an agent/publisher he once spoke with about a project that he’s since tabled and promised to search his email archives and send me his name. As promised, he sent me the contact info for Mitchell Levy.

Here’s what happened next:

  • I followed up and sent a query and proposal.
  • Mitchell wanted more and I obliged.
  • He sent an email a few days later asking me to call him.
  • We spoke on the phone.
  • I shared my vision and he liked it. We discussed strategy.
  • We exchanged a few additional emails.
  • He said he wanted to work with me.
  • He sent me a publishing contract.
  • I’m sending it back in a few days.

Yep, I’ll be a published author in 2009. And all because Bryan Person makes a point to reach out to people and introduce himself once he’s established a relationship with them online.

That is the power of a social network!

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Thanks Bryan!

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