There is a school of thought and many blog posts out there about the idea of one master profile that merges our professional and personal profiles in one place. It will essentially be you all wrapped up in one hefty online package.

While many feel as though they can be separate, others see that view as naïve.

I once held that view, but it was misguided.

That became apparent a while back. As the Facebook friend requests rolled in, I was seeing my cousins, the wife of my husband’s former boss, colleagues from two moons ago, my boss, his boss, my former bosses, my work acquaintances, ex-boyfriends from high school and even a former nemesis or two. Talk about a wild mixture. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s happening on almost every platform I use.

So, as I began to combine applications and import feeds from other social media platforms I started to think that those people who know me personally will have no interest in my professional blog, my live tweets from various conferences or what I’m experiencing in the workplace and that is largely what I discuss and share. For me, professional is about 75% and personal may be 25%.

So while I did fret over it a bit at first now I realize that it’s up to them to filter my content based on their level of interest, not the other way around. That’s my stance and I’m sticking to it.

When I asked the question out in the twitterverse, I received the following replies: The question, again, is:

Can professional and personal social media strategies successfully coexist?

@akenn: “Isn’t that what personal brand is all about?”

@techherding: “I have yet to find it to be soe.”

@marcapitman: “I’m finding a personal/professional split to feel more & more artificial. Are you?”

@tkpleslie: I think they can. I do it so far but always announce if something I tweet is for or about a client.

Based on that answer, I asked @tpkleslie if she used twitter for more personal than professional use.

Her response: “I use a little more for personal, but about even.”

What are your thoughts? Is this an imaginary split? I am feeling more and more like it exists only in the mind.

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