2009 will be the year of community convergence, according to Tracy Record.

Tracy is the editor and co-publisher (along with her husband Patrick Sand who focuses on sales and community relations) of West Seattle Blog, a very successful hyperlocal neighborhood blog that has gotten major press.

Tracy sent me that little gem about community convergence via twitter and I hope she’s right.

She also predicts that the evolvement of online communities will involve finding and adopting ways for conversations to continue across sites and services seamlessly.

Laura Norvig who focuses on social networking for non-profits says with more and more people gaining comfort with the tools, participation will widen, conversation will expand and we’ll see more points of view.

A self-proclaimed “chatterbox” known on twitter as Beta_Boy and evangelist for Current TV warns that user interaction will happen on and off your site. He says that RSS Widgets, iPhone apps, podcasts, and the like will all spread your content to a new audience who will then engage with you.

Those are the three predictions promised in the headline. Now, here are my thoughts:

I’ve long said this and truly believe that the conversations taking place in online communities can equate to a gold mine for the right marketers with the right attitude and willingness to invest time in an online community.

While I do understand the concept of scale, it seems that at some point, a targeted approach that can achieve success on a micro-level would be better than one on a macro-level that produces nothing? I’m no advertiser, but that alludes to the common sense factor in my mind.

It is my sincere hope that someone out there agrees with me, and will ultimately follow suit and make big, providing a model for the naysayers and non-believers.

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