Have you given any thought to the prospect of losing your job next year?
How about next week, or even tomorrow?
What is your plan of attack should this be your fate?

I don’t mean to bring you down or create an unnecessary panic. But think about it for a minute.
You’re reading this blog so you do spend some time reading blogs and it’s highly likely that you also spend time interacting on social media sites.

You likely have a twitter account, a blog of your own, a Facebook account and may very well have a FriendFeed account. You’re probably on LinkedIn as well.

That’s all good. It really is.
Now answer this: Do you think it will help you find a job?
Do you use any of the platforms in a way that will help you find a job?
Do you follow successful entrepreneurs who can influence you to bring your “A” game and provide tips on starting your own business or collaborating with like-minded people?

If you answered no to any of those questions, make a few changes over the next week or so that will allow you to answer yes to them all.

2009 is going to be tough.
Let’s get ahead of the problem and be prepared.

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