If you spend any amount of time on twitter and use it in a way that contributes to your knowledge base and that of your followers, chances are you’ve made at least one TFF.

It’s a term I’m coining today, so add it to your lingo, and spread the word. Oh, and credit me of course!

Now where was I? Okay, I’ve said before that I follow some very smart people on twitter, and believe wholeheartedly that everyone has the right to be picky.
But in the midst of all of this tweeting and DM’ing something else is happening.  I’m really connecting with people outside of the twitterverse, and guess what? I like them!

Who knew that I would talk to @BryanPerson on the phone for 30 minutes after exchanging tweets for a month or so and find a kindred spirit? I had no idea that @DickCarlson had such a fun sense of humor had he not reached out to me via twitter for a podcast interview?

These are just two examples but there are more and if I’m lucky there will be even more in the future.

So tell me.  Who is your TFF?

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