Again, these are not my words but those of Peter Shankman.

You may remember this post on his dire prediction of the life-span of the beloved press release.

Well, Peter tossed out another comment that day at the TIMA conference in downtown Raleigh, that I’d written in my notes with the intention of asking him to explain his thoughts a bit more later.
I finally took a second look at those notes and asked Peter (via twitter) to tell me why he felt that way. After all, I do use PowerPoint when I’m speaking and wouldn’t characterize myself or my knowledge of the subject matter as weak.

Here is his response in 93 characters:

“If you need charts and graphs to get your point across and you’re not a physicist, your point isn’t strong enough.”

I’ll admit that I do find myself talking more than advancing slides, but my audiences so far have not been very social media savvy and didn’t know much about online communities at all.  Because of that,  I’ve felt the need for visuals.

What are your thoughts on PowerPoint? Enhancement or crutch? And if you’re a physicist,  no need to respond.

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