Here is a comment I posted recently on a blog post called The Long Tail of Twitter.

“I recently felt guilty for not following nearly the number of people who were following me, but when I delved into some of their conversations I realized that I have the right to be picky. I need to look at my twitter stream and find things that are of value to me. I want to know that I will find links to interesting, provocative content and will be in the presence of real “thinkers.” We have to mold our social media experiences to suit us if we value our own time. There is nothing selfish about that.”

I learned earlier today that the founder of WordPress agrees with my sentiment. Matt Mullenweg told Robert Scoble in this great interview that he recently condensed his own twitter stream because it had grown so large that it became utterly useless.

So, ponder this question: Is there any part of your social media experience that doesn’t serve you? If the answer is yes, fix it. It’s your time, and you have the right to be picky!

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