If you’re a community manager and had less than ten interactions with community members today, you are slacking on the job.
If you surpassed ten interactions but none were compliments, you’re really slacking on the job.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about managing online communities is that it takes much more work than you could ever imagine, and your members are your assets. It’s a must that you treat them accordingly.

Here are a few compliments I doled out today:

  1. LOVE your holiday decorations! Beautiful. –Angela
  2. Got the figgy pudding recipe. I placed it on the Holiday page. Thanks for keeping me posted! –Angela
  3. What an excellent idea! –Angela
  4. Our first mascot! How fabulous!! –Angela
  5. I am so happy to read this tonight! The goal is to spread some holiday cheer and when I see all of the hard work that members put into their decorations, it makes me want to do better.

Yes, I do this daily, and I mean every word I type. As long as you’re sincere your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Try it. It works.

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