In 24 hours I’ll be knee deep in a live election night blog which I’m hosting for members of my online community. It’s open for anyone who comes by, but the idea is something the members of the community have come to enjoy. It started with the live debate blogs, which were highly popular and soon everyone was asking me about election night.

I wasn’t so sure at first, knowing very well that it could go well into the wee hours. However, no good community manager willingly disappoints the community, so the show must and will go on.

It’s quite amazing to see the role that social media plays in the most significant areas of our lives and the continued development to make the tools even more relevant.

Among some of the online social media tools that will likely be in high use tomorrow night as listed on the TV blog Lost Remote:’s election results widget,’s Your Races tool, The New York Times’ text service for mobile updates which will provide congressional results based on zip code and an election night party co-hosted by Digg and Twitter. And that’s just to name a few. For a glimpse of the social media campaign results of our two Presidential candidates, check out Jeremiah Owyang’s detailed post.

Thanks to social media, the average consumer can find anything and everything we need with a computer or cell phone and have it delivered directly to us with little or no effort.

The election party is now wherever you want it to be, and many of us will experience it with thousands, while sitting in the comfort of our own homes.

You can’t beat THAT with a stick!

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