Just yesterday, I posted a blog indicating that nonprofits need to decrease their dependency on traditional media organizations and utilize social media as a mean to promote and increase awareness about their organizations.

Well, it isn’t just nonprofits that need to do this. Anyone who is still depending solely on the news media, particularly print to tell their stories, here’s a list to digest, as posted by Mark Potts.

I’ll share five of the 25 here.

  1. Newark Star-Ledger — 316,280 -10.40%
  2. Chicago Sun-Times — 313,176 -3.94%
  3. Cleveland Plain Dealer — 305,529 -8.58%
  4. Philadelphia Inquirer — 300,674 -11.06%
  5. Detroit Free Press — 298,243 – 6.84%

The common belief is that these numbers will only continue to deteriorate. Need any more convincing?

Again, here’s the full list.

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