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I received an e-mail from someone who was quite disturbed about her husband’s participation in the online community that I manage. She was essentially accusing me of destroying her marriage. It was a bit disheartening, and I immediately felt for her, once I got over the sheer shock of the claim.

But, I spoke to a few people about it and I know that I cannot bear the blame for everything that takes place in this community. If you’re a community manager, neither can you. But instead of writing about it, I will share it with you, unedited.

Brace yourself:

I dont know who is over this sight but just to let you know that it has distoryed my marriage. Some of your people talk so dirty to each other and my husband got hooked and then met people at the get together and that lead to meeting this women out and having sex with I thought this was just A news talk chat room not where people are trying to hook up with married men or women it started out just talking until the started with the sex comments. Now my family are at risk of all kinds of things all due to this web sight. I have 2 children that has got to go threw this. My husband thought it would be safe cause it was a news chat not like my space I know if you go on and read all this you would have to see how wrong it is. your web sight is turning people family upside down. I hope with my contacting you will do something about this before it distroys other familys
like mine.

Now keep in mind that this is an online community and we do allow users to take their profiles private, so I am sure that some private conversations take place. But it certainly is not a chat room for people on the prowl.

What do you think about this? Am I tearing this woman’s family apart?


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