It’s no secret that I believe strongly in taking time to engage your users in numerous ways.

From initiating small talk, to offering simple suggestions or a quick “kudos” and the occasional: “Have a great weekend,” the community looks for your feedback and values it a great deal.

So, in my quest to engage engage engage, I believe I found my personal limit.

It happened last night during the Vice-Presidential debate.

After hosting a successful live blog during the Presidential debate last Friday, I promised another one for the VP debate and promoted it much of the day.

What I didn’t realize is how much other interactivity I would be pulled into and how it would affect me overall.

It turns out that live blogging, text messaging, instant messaging and watching the debate while rubbing my young daughter’s back is a wicked combination, and one that I won’t likely repeat. (Sounds a bit crazy when you read it all doesn’t it?)

At any rate, everything turned out fine and people really enjoyed the blog, but I was a tad bit frazzled by the end and probably missed a great deal of the debate. Even the most skilled multi-taskers can’t catch everything.

So the point here is that we have to realize that we are not super-human and that it doesn’t take three simultaneous messaging platforms to be a good community manager.

What makes us good is the ability to be there for our community and provide experiences they will enjoy and want to experience over and over again.

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