When it comes to creative name-calling and malicious monikers, leave it to online community-dwellers and those who hang out in the comments section of our news stories.

In addition to managing the online community GOLO.com, I also supervise a team of moderators responsible for approving and disapproving comments connected to our news stories. We have policies, continue to create new ones and opt for civil discourse. But that does not stop people from attempting to get away with murder.

And you know, sometimes it’s just downright funny. So, given the fact that most folks appreciate a bit of comic relief…I will attempt to provide some.

Here are some of the names we’ve seen for our presidential candidates. Forgive me if you’ve seen some before.

John McCain

  • Insane McCain
  • McSame
  • Mc Grumpy
  • McBush
  • McShame

Barack Obama

  • Obamanation
  • Nobama
  • Obama Yo Momma
  • Obamma

And not to leave out our current POTUS…The latest is simply, “Bushtard.”

And on an unrelated note we most recently received this comment on a story about a man who was suing another man for having an affair with his wife.

“Maybe she was a skank. They’re out there you know.” Some days I just LOL in my office.

Now it’s your turn. Do tell…

What have you seen out there in the land of comments?