One of the most important aspects of my job as Managing Editor of is cultivating a relationship with users. I’ve learned that it’s only as tough as you make it and that you can connect with people online in many ways. Often it’s just by sharing a blurb about your own life or even asking a simple question about theirs.

In an effort to grow our new GROUPS feature, I’ve created several groups that I am pouring content into on a daily basis. One group is geared toward teachers and the other focuses on Brides-to-be. Good idea, right given the fact that there will never be a shortage of either?

Well, just last week I wrote several simple blogs posing simple questions, but questions I knew everyone would want to chime in on. Here are a two examples:

The results were great, and by reading all of the comments, I was able to come up with slew of new ideas.

So my advice is this: When it comes to connecting with users, don’t “over-think it.”
Start a conversation, and sit back and watch it grow. Consider the community a huge group of your friends, and act accordingly.