As the Managing Editor of GOLO, I come in contact with a lot of users both in public and in private. Many members communicate with me openly on my profile page and others e-mail me behind the scenes. I encourage both methods and respond to all inquiries. I want the members to feel comfortable and if they prefer private communication I most certainly oblige.

As we head into our eleventh month, I am simply amazed at how much I know about the community. I don’t mean as a whole, but on individual levels.

From reading blogs, viewing image galleries and paying close attention to the way members interact, I have somehow learned a little about a whole lot of people. I can name the professions of at least 20 members, personal hobbies of others and even first and last names of a select few. I know that we have members with children in Iraq, members who have lost a child, members who are recently divorced, recovering alcoholics, and fighting eating disorders.
I know that one member is a chef, another owns a landscaping business, another is obsessed with “The Rock,” and another has the most disgusting feet you ever want to see.

This is a new level of sharing and highly valuable information. It is also why I think there is a lot to be said about smaller online communities that provide a different experience than the majors. Sure they have millions of members, but does anyone “really” know anyone else?